The Brief Opinion on Using Android Apps with windows `Your phone` app

The Brief Opinion on  Using Android Apps with windows `Your phone` app

Maybe everyone was excited to see running android apps on windows. The first thing that came to my mind was the baby step towards forming an ecosystem with pc and cellular devices. So I was excited to check The 'Your Phone App' with my note device. I immediately updated my windows with the developer preview and boom in "Your Phone" I could browse the catalog of my installed apps, this feature is still in preview mode and only available with Samsung devices not Just Note 20.

Microsoft Your phone App's trying to open Android App.

So after using this new feature made me write this opinion. So Few pros using this `Your Phone` Application.

  1. Able to read notification on the windows notification panel.
  2. Able to make a call and receive one.
  3. Able to send and receive messages  only when using Microsoft message
  4. Able to browse My Gallery and copy image from phone to pc

So now to address the final feature, using an android app on windows. By the way, this works on screen mirroring principle. As of now in preview mode, only one application could be used.  The same app will is reflected on your phone screen, so if you navigate to some other app on the phone that would reflect on the Pc window, I hope this would be addressed, when support for using multiple Apps simultaneously is rolled-out. Also, I was not able to use apps in full-screen mode or resize it as of now.

So After using this Your phone's new App feature, I felt something familiar...!!!

oops, there is a desktop client for Samsung dex.  Where I could perform the following things like

  1. Resize the app window
  2. Open multiple apps,
  3. Use a different app on the phone and dex simultaneously,
  4. Play a game on full-screen mode,
  5. Make calls,
  6. Plays phone's media on Pc speakers
  7. Transfer files between devices

But with a simple catch is to connect the phone via USB & dex is supported only for flagship range.

After using dex,  i feel there is a long way for windows app to get matured, and deliver a similar experience for the broader devices. Hope this could take a while, but this feature is indeed a plus point for android and windows.