We have very good project execution frameworks tied with agile methodologies or concrete SDLC models so let's not bother about those, instead this article focus prepping team before implementing any SDLC frameworks.

When we dive into project management we have two key area.


So successful project execution is determined by these key areas which results in financial profit margin.

So resources can be human resources , hardware assets, and initial monetary amount required to start on or before execution. and hardware and monetary are usually planned beforehand during the negotiation or project approval, in most of the case human resource also be included during approval process.

So project we acquire may be different type like i.e hr sourcing,hourly billed or fixed priced.

Hr sourcing is where we assess the demand in terms of technology and individual  experience and project's client handle the interview process to shortlist required candidates and execution of the project's responsibility is under the client.

Hourly billed project is similar to Hr sourcing but the project responsibility will be in-house, client provides the crude requirement and tentative deadline and budget for each resources which varies based on experience and designation slab, so in this project we should actually balance the team with good leader, coordinator and executor and analyst to maintain the quality of the project and also client's financial budget. in these kinds of project client will be monitoring the outcomes and major decisions will be in clients bucket.

So the in house management skills is keen in fixed priced project where we need to manage every aspects of the project, As like any business the prize would have been quoted according to the market competition. so only way to maximise the profit is through proper execution, the main focus is planning and adapting good project execution framework.

So we shall walk through a key areas of planning  adapting those plans with an solid project execution framework.

1. Building a Team

While building pack we cannot simply add to many resources as we are well informed by the famous proverb ' Too many cooks spoils the Dish '.
so when we are actually creating the team we have to be sure that we create a proper balance by carefully selecting the suitable mindset and balance of the experience levels. usually when i formulate the team, i focus on single person who is in contact with client,a manager who is capable to handle the technical and delivery aspect instead of multiple managers. a good team leader or two who is very much experienced in the relevant technology and domain, as well as who the person is also eager to learns business domain if needed to guide the developers,And sufficient amount of developers which depends on nature of work and number of modules which need to be developed where we can parallelize development part.

2. Information Gathering

  • The sooner we start sooner we finish will only work when we have proper information its like sharp Axe which is used for cutting a tree, never be in a hurry, collect as much as information or requirement and always keep in mind when we collect any info/requirement the piece should always able to answer 4 simple questions by whom it will be used, when will it be used and why is required, and last but important one is how it should be represented.
  • Alway share the the information in regular intervals to all teams rather than handing of huge document and discuss that in fixed time allocation.
  • Avoid assumption or at least communicate 'the assumption' before.
  • Communicate clearly avoid ignoring even the silly question for which we do not have answers.
  • Discuss the information and always take a feedback or questions and get the answer to those.

3. Formulating the work-order

  • So when we know what we are suppose to do..! and based on discussion how we do, keep documenting these in work-order would not be difficult.
  • Do not keep the work order brief also leave no rooms for debate.
  • Always add buffer to the estimate.

When we have proper work-order which would be very easy to track the progress and efficiency of execution and also quality of delivery will always we good.