Brand value : A bridge between employees and customers is One of the way to improve our companies value proposition.

Brand value : A bridge between employees and customers is One of the way to improve our companies value proposition.

In any business brand value matters, building a strong brand means having strong influential footprint in the market,good brand will always keep the business profit fat, yes brand name is imprint of our success and for our customers and comfort for the employee. you might be amused about the title how is brand value is a bridge between those,let's assume a organisation is like a giant magnet which attracts money where customer and employee are polarity of the magnet any week polarity makes magnet weak, so which will not perform what its  intended to do gradually...!!!!

How to be a big brand ?

Catchy name and creative logo will certainly create a impression among people but we need a solid discipline to maintain impression and spread the brand influence. And to have a strong bridge we have to keep two important faces happy. And yes they are  customer and employees.

Simple Ways to keep Customer Happy are:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Good Quality of deliverable on the right demand
  • Decent relationship and treating them like a VIP.
  • Timely actions and solid solution.
  • Personal attention in all phases.

To make the customer happy or to  keep them happy, We should  have solid stable satisfied invisible layer called employees. there are lot of ways to keep employees happy apart form the financial benefits. few i could remember during my entrepreneurship.

  • Treat them as partner rather than a employee.
  • Create a healthy environment which promotes the growth on knowledge as well as personality.
  • Avoid micromanagement.
  • Provide solid policies do not fluctuate policies very often.
  • Provide decent recreational breaks.
  • Help them to maintain their work life balance.
  • Appreciate their hard work with small and goodies as token of gratitude, or have some reward system to create competitive environment.
  • Do not ignore there problem,at least put an decent effort to resolve it, so it  will make them happy.
  • Do not discriminate based on the hierarchy, keep  transparent layer and avoid the sense corporate politics in minds of employees.
  • Provide decent opportunity to improve their skills.
  • Do not blame for mistake rather help them to rectify it.
  • Create transparent layer where there feedback could be implemented  this could create sense of  appreciation.

As we are in age of internet we might of seen a image or meme which says "Take care of your employee well, so they will take good care of your customers" and "employee come first not the client" these new generations proverb actually make sense. always try to  have strong bridge by keeping these pillars strong, eventually brand grows for itself without much.

employee first