Flutter's Jargon.

Flutter's Jargon.

As we know google launched its hybrid app building framework which gained popularity with in an fraction of time due to its simplicity and native touch and feel of the developed app, Flutter supports Android, IOS and also PWA still in beta. soon after we start the flutter we need to know few concepts which i will list them below and brief them about in one or two lines.


Widget is nothing but reusable component just like we write one in front end frameworks like react or Angular. there are two types of widget in flutter, stateless widget and StateFull widget. so in Stateless widget the build method is called once, but in StateFull widget build method is call to redraw the updated state when `setState({})` method is called, process is called re-rendering. also learn to use Scoped Model library to manage state across the view.


Dart is the programming language used in  flutter library, Dart was formerly written to replace the java script in chrome, but might java script could not be touched with Dart, later dart found its existence with flutter framework. its almost similar as  Type Scripted java scripted.


BuildContext is like registry  of location of nested widget tree, which help to fing the context and update, usually used by widget to call the build method usually re-rendering the widgets.

Flutter packages.

Readily available reusable widget or plugins to use in our application these packages are included in `pubsepc.yaml` and plugins can be searched in https://pub.dev/flutter


its just like template where widgets are designed according to material design specification.


Derived from material design which provides empty container where we can implement widgets and make to Screen.