Drools Focus Starter and Puppy Food Review.

Drools Focus  Starter and Puppy Food Review.
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Hey readers, this is more of my opinion and honest feedback about these two products.

About Drools Focus, I was the early adopter Since late 2015 or Mid-2016, Came across the brand at my local pet store, also representative of the brand gave me lengthily benefits of the food at the pet shop.

So I just brought focus puppy 4Kgs as a trail to feed my Adult German Shepard, he just 28 kgs had lost all his weight due to tick fever when we had left him for boarding.

My Shepard Sam was Allergic to Royal Canin, I had no food to try in that budget, And he was a very Fussy Eater so I had to put a lot of effort into picking up the food,

As usual, When I poured him the drools focus puppy into his food bowl, He took a sniff and ignored the food I was quick to draw the conclusion  this was the same old kibble with fancy packaging,

I just did not want to waste my money and throw away the food so I started giving him the food with the boiled egg, But he used to finish up the food without liking it much.

But I started noticing changes in just 3 days after switching to focus, He had become very lethargic due to tic fever, I could immediately see his energy back and he was playful, In Just Within one week I could see the difference in his coat, and within one month he was back to his 37 kg initial weight, So "Focus" became my primary food choice.

Even though my dog did not like the food I preferred to focus because

  • my dog had an allergy to corn or soy drools never had both,
  • Also, drools have 40% chicken  and 60% grains and other ingredients
  • Also, I don't see any fillers in the ingredients panel
  • And Drools Food is ISO-Certified, So there are Strict Quality Checks
  • No Artificial Color or flavor is added.
  • No By-product Meat source


  • I have Fed Drools for 2 of my pets and Recommend them to a couple of friends i hear they don't like the taste very much.
  • They are moisture magnets that need a Propper airtight container that could notice worms if not stored properly.
  • I don't See the preservative or type of preservative used.
  • I haven't seen any calcium or phosphorous content mentioned in the bag, Which is necessary.

Now we shall Dive into Starter Food review :

Usually, I start starter food from 2 months use till the end of 4th month, During this pandemic, I adopted a Dobberman pup, after losing my 10-year-old German Shepard. When I brought the pup he was a bit underweight 4 kgs, I went with drools focus Starter,  for every 5 to 6- days I could see a huge difference in his weight and coat shinning,

Also, his weight gain perfectly aligns with the breed standard.

Also, I don't see much difference in ingredients between starter and puppy except the nutrition claim like protein % and fat %

I faced the same problem with the started food his food drive use to diminish over time, So I had to mix it with Curd or coconut oil or just hydrate with warm water.