Canine Creek Puppy Food Review

Canine Creek Puppy Food Review
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This post would be the second dog food review I am writing. I usually write after using the food for the long term. I don't simply jump to the conclusion just by using it one time or by using a trial pack like a Kg or 4 Kgs bag. And opinions and feedback expressed are mostly mine.

I see there is a lot of hate for food like drools focus and canine creek, Maybe due to competitive pricing or simply because the food is manufactured in India.

As we know India has high import duty, which affects the pricing of imported ones. So just because the food is priced comparatively less does not mean it is bad or food that costs more is good.

So I usually change dog food after a couple of bags canine creek is one among them. I did not pick dog food blindly, I do a bit of research before adopting them,

There is love and hate for me in this product which I will explain.

The reason I picked this food initially is not that it says grain-free, I choose this product because it does not use any artificial flavour, colour, or preservatives. and 48% of the food is Chicken and other ingredients.

As usual, this food remained on my list because of its result on my pups

This provides proper growth, maintains the skin and coat condition very well, observed the stool does not smell too much, and observed no or little digestion issues, Adaption, and food drive do not diminish on this food.

Let's dive into the love and hate part of this food

Love :

  • 48% real chicken and they say it is cage-free chicken
  • No Grains in the food so no filler
  • Fruits in the food ingredients
  • Noticed fewer ticks and flea issue after switching to this food, I assume this due to Garlic in the ingredient
  • No artificial colour and preservatives
  • I have observed 3-4 kgs of weight increase during the peak growth stage
  • less digestive issues observed
  • Maintains healthy skin and coat quality
  • Also observed less odour of stools and dog bod


  •   I haven't seen any ISO or Quality checks mentioned, Drools focus mention ISO Quality check.
  • I Don't like a potato in the ingredient panel, I would prefer rice would be a better option
  • Does not mention calories in the food
  • Also food does not mention % of other ingredients  except chicken
  • Again need a good airtight container, this attracts moisture and could result in fungus formation if not stored properly.
  • they advertise as "COLD FORMED" kibbles, But  only 10% of the kibble in the bags are cold-formed