MINIO: Getting Started With Ubuntu 18.04

MINIO: Getting Started With Ubuntu 18.04

Minio is another object store just like AWS S3, This is self hosted so easily can be used in private cloud. and it is open source so its absolute free use and modify. this one of the fastest growing self managed object store out there. so when it comes to object store files are not packed into single piece instead it broken into several data pieces called as object and combined into  using meta data, and minio runs on all commercial available hardware. so lets get started using minio in our ubuntu 18.04 system.

To install minio we need two components one is server which stores the file as an object and client a CLi tool to facilitate communicate between server and user.

1) Install Server

chmod +x minio
./minio server /<fs-path>/data

So after installing server and running you can access web view using URL  and  UI will look like this

Minio web interface

So you can change the credentials by pasting following command to your  ~/.bashrc file.

echo 'MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=#####' >> ~/.bashrc 
echo 'MINIO_SECRET_KEY=####' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

2) Installing Client CLI

chmod +x mc
./mc --help

3) Adding Servers to minio client

./mc config host add <minioSN> <SK> <AK>
#<sk> and <AK> are the place holders for secret key and access key
#<minioSN> is your server name.

4) Some Basic command

  • To list server files ./mc ls <servername>
  • To cat the content of file ./mc cat <serverName>/<bucketName>/<fileName>
  • To create bucket ./mc mb <serverName>/<bucketName>
  • To remove bucket ./mc mb <serverName>/<bucketName>